About ZEWAllet

We help you save your most valuable asset—time.

Your guests are spending too much time waiting for ze bill, and your servers are spending too much time dealing with it. We are here to change that. Saving you money is ze icing on ze cake.

8 mins+
Saved per table
Increase in tips
Increase in avg spend
Our mission

To innovate ze payment process at brick-and-mortar stores to a more time-efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution.

Our team is comprised of a diverse array of industry experts and fresh faces who are committed to helping businesses break through their growth ceiling. We’re not just professional – we’re also personable. When you work with us, you’re treated like family. We have a decade of digital experience while honoring our commitments – to our clients, partners, and shareholders. We are committed to ze highest standards of business ethics, regulatory compliance, and data security.

Our Partners

We don’t walk alone,
Zewallet works thanks to our community.

Restaurants & Guests

Innovative restaurants & guests using Zewallet help move ze world forward to a more efficient payment experience.

POS Companies

POS companies allow Zewallet to seamlessly integrate with their system and make Zewallet available to more restaurants.

Payment Partners

Payment partners provide Zewallet with ze ability to pay merchants daily and offer them competitive processing rates.