Ze Future of Restaurant Payments

Discover ze newest and most efficient way for customers to pay

8 mins+
per table
in tips
in avg spend
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How it works

A simple, yet efficient payment system for your customers

Give your customers a seamless experience they won't forget

1. Scan ze table's
QR code

Your customer scans one QR code for both viewing ze menu and paying ze bill. Ze ordering process is still done face-to-face with ze server.

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2. Split bill with table
& add a tip

Save time for your servers and customers. Let customers quickly split ze bill themselves while adding a tip with ze click of a button.

3. Pay within seconds & receive a digital receipt

No hardware or paper receipts needed. No server involvement with payment. Customer pays through their phone and leaves with a smile on their face.

Learn why Zewallet is great for your restaurant

Eliminate bottlenecks and unlock countless benefits

Fast Deliveries - Deliver X Webflow Template

Increase table turnover

Customers pay and check out in seconds without having to get ze server's attention.

Low Fees - Deliver X Webflow Template

Cost savings

Decrease your expenses by printing less paper and renting less credit card machines.

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Better customer experience

Ze server can have more time to serve rather than taking payments. Customers aren't stuck waiting for their bill anymore. Ze pain of paying isn't associated with servers.

Instant Payments - Deliver X Webflow Template

Increase in tips & average spend

Customers tip more because of ze convenience of ze solution. They order more items because they know that ze payment process will take seconds instead of minutes.

Attract new customers and increase loyalty

Our promo codes feature helps increase your coupon redemption rate. Handing a coupon to a server feels cheap, but inputting a valid promo code in a web app feels like a win.

Admin add menu screenshot

Hassle-free restaurant management

Admin web application

Manage all your payments, create promotions, update your menu and more, all in one system.

Insightful reporting & accounting

Compile insightful reports on your revenue, customer trends, and staff performance. View customer feedback and maintain a data-focused approach.

Daily payouts

Say goodbye to cashflow disruption. Enjoy daily settlements deposited directly into your bank account.

Integrated with your POS system

Easy integration

A 15 minute meeting is all we need to sync Zewallet with your POS system. No downtime.

In-person onboarding & training

We will personally come to your restaurant to get you set up. You just have to let us know when. No setup fees.

Point of Sale

Taste ze future

Join ze innovative restaurants who are changing ze way customers make payments.